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So what is P8AUTH?

Quality Internet connectivity needn’t come at a price. Not if you are managing it effectively that is. With our P8Auth you can take advantage of a complete AAA subscriber management solution that caters for APN, Fibre, Wi-Fi, Satellite and ADSL.

With P8Auth you can reduce the complexity of your AAA footprint and take advantage of a single supported AAA platform. The solution is fully enabled with usage limits, customisable usage alerts and full subscriber management portal capabilities. Meaning you and your customers can better manage subscriber connectivity and limit risk.

Features and benefits

  • Consolidate your AAA infrastructure into a single easy to manage platform
  • Report on usage, and enable customers to review reporting online
  • Notify your customers of usage, and alert them when usage limits are reached
  • Enable customers to manage their own subscriptions
  • Brand or white label P8Auth to look like your own

Take control of your subscriber usage, reporting, management and billing.

Configuration Portal

Create customers, user accounts and assign permissions on levels of required access.


Upload your company logo, company colour scheme and rebrand email notifications to ensure your customers always see your brand, P8Auth branding enables you to provide the same rebranding functionality to your resellers.

Advanced Configuration

Authenticate and push routing pairs to support connectivity types such as L2TP tunnels.

Quota Management

Configure soft cap and hard cap quotas to enforce contract limits and mitigate overrun usage risks when a quota is reached.

Usage Notifications

Inform subscribers of daily usage and alert to usage limits with custom branded notifications.

Exceptional Design

With built-in service redundancy and exceptional service architecture you are assured of uptime and performance.

Connectivity Management

Disconnect subscriber sessions, report on subscriber session usage, confirming connected IP addresses and identify capped subscribers.


P8Auth provides detailed usage reports viewable by you, your resellers and an end customer.

P8 Value Adds

Easily enable Web Filtering P8DNS for your subscriber base, add value and additional revenue.

Select the right pricing model

Licensing of our P8Auth platform starts at 1500 subscribers inclusive of all features and price breaks based on volume licensing. Contact our sales team to find the right pricing model four your business.

Volume licensing break points

All P8Aurth features inclusive of a 1500 subscriber license.

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